Coffee Beans from Indonesia
Surian Coffee Beans from Indonesia

Surian from Indonesia

Coffee Beans from Indonesia

Variety: Sigarar Utang, Kartika, Andung Sari 
Preparation: Honey Processed
Flavour Notes: Tangerine, Spicy
Producer: Solok - Surian Group
Origin: Indonesia, Surian, Solok, West Sumatra
Altitude: 1150 - 1450 masl
Weight: 250g

West Sumatra used to be a traditional tea region, until the Minang Solok people begun to grow coffee plants successfully. The Solok - Surian Group is made up of 12 regions with small coffee farmers. The district achieved a unique profile after the local government invested in local coffee washing stations, like the Solok - Surian Group.

We recommend this coffee as a filter coffee with milk. The fresh tangerine flavour comes out just great. Enjoy your coffee!

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