organic coffee from colombia
 El Moral - organic coffee from colombia

El Moral from Colombia / Organic Coffee

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Organic Coffee beans from Colombia

Variety: Colombia
Preparation: Washed - organic certified by IMOcert
Flavour Notes: Chocolaty Creamy Body, Tangerine
Producer: Various Smallholders
Origin: Colombia, La Sierra, Cauca
Altitude: 1800 masl
Weight: 250g

Banana as well as guama trees provide shade to the coffee plants on the farms. Between May and September the organic coffee is selected by hand and pulped on the same day. The coffee will ferment for 14 hours in tanks before the washing process starts. Finally, the coffee beans are dried in a parabolic drier over several days. 

El Moral is truly a vibrant filter coffee for us. We recommend this Colombian coffee for a V60, Chemex or AeroPress. You will experience the fresh and sweet flavours of tangerine in this coffee. Enjoy!!

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