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El Cipres - El Pepeton from El Salvador / certified by Rainforest Alliance

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Coffee beans from El Salvador

Variety: Red Bourbon
Preparation: Washed (certified by Rainforest Alliance)
Flavour Notes: Wild Berries, Maple Sirup, Almond
Producer: Alvarey Gallardo
Origin: El Salvador, Bálsamo-Quezaltepec, San Salvador Department
Altitude: 1070 - 1800 masl
Weight: 250g

After the family of Dr. Emilio Alvarez Lalinde migrated from Colombia to El Salvador, he bought the Estate El Cipres in 1880. The Alvarez Gallardo family, the current owner since 1992, is dedicating passion to El Cipres. With their devotedness the Estate accomplished the Rainforest Alliance Certificate (RFA). We find a forceful social side here - the family works strongly to treat the employees with respect and class. 

Please enjoy this coffee as a fresh filter and discover these unique flavour notes of wild berries.

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