1. What does 14 days return policy mean?
We want a trustful relationship with you and offer you a two-week return policy after purchasing our products. You can inform us and return unused and unopened goods and we will refund you the purchase price. We do not accept coffee returns.

2. What makes our coffee so special?
Our coffee beans are of great quality and are gently roasted at our partners in Portugal. This way the coffee keeps the variety of flavours, tastes less bitter and is more digestible for the stomach. We guarantee that our coffees are of superior quality than the great majority of the ones bought in the supermarket, given the variety, aroma and body that they offer.

3. Why do we have relatively few varieties?
We believe that less is sometimes more and want to make it as easy as possible to drink better coffee. For coffee lovers who want to choose from 100 varieties, we're probably not the right ones. Everyone else can easily improve their coffee enjoyment with us - our varieties are just perfect for that.

4. Why does our coffee costs more than the coffee in your local supermarket?
It's a long way until the coffee comes to you in the cup. The raw coffee prices we pay are relatively high, and can easily be the double or triple of the market price of average quality coffees. 

In addition to the market price we need to consider:
    - Shipment, logistics and storage
    - 10% weight loss due to the evaporation of water during roasting
    - Transaction costs (online shop, payment service provider ...)
    - Roasting process
    - … and personnel costs

5. Why is it important for coffee to be freshly roasted?
Our freshly roasted coffee will change your coffee enjoyment from now on. Coffee is a natural product, namely the beans of the coffee cherry. After harvest, they are green and relatively long-lasting. Roasting is responsible for creating all the great flavors and fragrances you will love about coffee. But outside influences such as oxygen, light and heat cause the coffee to become oxidized. Over time, the taste slowly decreases, the aromas disappear.

6. What is so special about our black coffee packages?
We are so happy to offer you aluminium-free aroma coffee packages. The material for our black coffee bags is a compound of a strong, FSC-certified paper and a barrier film. This barrier is made of environmentally friendly PE film laminate, which requires less energy to produce than is the case with aluminum. These great recyclable bags feature highly effective oxygen blockade that maximizes coffee shelf life and they protect against microorganisms.

7. For how long can you enjoy our coffee after opening?
We have the expiration date on our packs, which is 6 months from the date of the roast. Nevertheless, we also specify the date of roasting on the packaging. Of course, the coffee will not be bad if it lingers for 2 years, but the taste suffers significantly.

8. Which payment methods do we offer?
In our online shop you can use the following ways of payment: VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Amazon Pay and Paypal.