About us

My name is Julian and I am a passionate coffeeholic. Growing up in Berlin, Germany, I was already used as a young adult to a nice and fresh brewed filter coffee. When in the morning the smell of coffee filled my childhood home, it was just time to start the day right. During my time at the university I began to value my daily coffee a lot. It was the start of a true love.

In 2016 I moved to Portugal and discovered the love to a fresh roasted coffee. Drinking your daily coffee in Lisbon near Jardim do Príncipe Real you almost forget about the time and start to enjoy the Portuguese flair of this wonderful city, my chosen home.

After cupping some inspiring coffees from South America and Africa for the first time I started to see the variety of flavors coffee can contain. An amazing coffee journey began, I went to the "Berlin School of Coffee" to learn more about this fascinating natural product and I founded finally my company and created my coffee brand, O Alemão Café, an online shop for fresh roasted coffees.    

My coffees are selected carefully and roasted in small batches at a private roastery in Lisbon, Portugal. 

Therefore I invite you to discover the variations of great coffees.

All the best,