The Chemex

Coffee with a fine and pronounced aroma

The Chemex was invented in the USA by Mr. Peter Schlumbohm (1896 – 1962), a German born Engineer, in 1939.

The Chemex coffee will have less body nevertheless it will surprise you with its fine and pronounced aroma.

Chemex filter coffee

To start with we recommend to grind the coffee for the Chemex in a medium to slightly coarse setting. To maintain the optimum extraction time of 4 to 5 minutes please consider, when using much more coffee for your Chemex, a bigger degree of grind. To check if you have chosen the perfect grind, you can stop the time of brewing your coffee. If the brewing takes much longer than 5 minutes, too many substances (including bitter substances) are released from the coffee and the coffee tastes burnt (over extracted). If brewing takes much less than 3 minutes, it will not release sufficient flavours and the result will be a slightly thin coffee, which has a poor aroma.

The paper filters for a Chemex are fine-pored and much thicker than the ones we know for the supermarkets. Therefore, the hot water needs more time to go through the filter.

Insert the pre-folded Chemex paper filter into the funnel of the Chemex with the three-ply side facing the spout. This is quite important so that the filter paper does not get into the spout later during pouring. Now pour some hot water through the filter to remove the inherent taste of paper and to preheat the Chemex. When done so please pour out the water.

We recommend to use 38 g of freshly ground coffee for the 6 cups Chemex (600 ml). Give the ground coffee into the wet paper filter and shake the Chemex slightly to receive an even and smooth surface of ground coffee.

Wait for up to 30 seconds after the water has boiled to receive the optimum temperature of approx. 96 ° degrees Celsius. Now we add just a little amount of hot water in circular movements to the ground coffee. Our aim is that the entire ground coffee is soaked, but at the same time almost no coffee will drip through the filter.

You will see how the coffee will begin to swell in the next seconds, the so-called "blooming". During this time of blooming, carbon dioxide (CO2) gases escape from the coffee, the coffee gets heavier and sticks more to the filter. This favors a more even extraction. Please try to pour the desired amount of hot water continuously and in circular movements so the coffee extraction is not interrupted. When the water has completely passed through, remove the filter and swivel the Chemex a little to mix the coffee.