Coffee Price Crisis

The Coffee Price Crisis 2019

In the last years the coffee industry has had a significant surplus of coffee beans from the huge coffee producing farms in Brazil, which accounts for up to a ¼ of the world`s coffee trade. That makes it hard for other coffee producing countries to enter the market. The low international coffee prices have forced small coffee farmers to abandon their estates and plantations or to change the production to other agricultural products. In addition, in many South American countries’ households have experienced food shortages. One study, which surveyed almost 500 coffee-growing-households in El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico and Nicaragua, found out that 63% of them suffered food insecurity.

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Most coffee producers around the world are helpless of the still falling NY benchmark price, to which the coffee bean prices are linked.

How to help …. It is simple, just turn your focus on more ethnical coffees. For example, on Rainforest Alliance Certified coffees, such as our coffee El Cipres El Pepeton. The Rainforest Alliance is a non-profit organisation that, among other qualities, supports the livings of Coffee farmers. Coffee farmers that sign up to the Rainforest Alliance also receive fair payments, as well as access to schools and healthcare. We have a lot of labels for ethnical coffees, such as fair trade and for organic coffees. We need to value this natural product and be willing to pay for great quality.