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Miracle Coffee does exist

Do you believe in “Miracle Coffee”? We are in Perth, Australia, and the date is January 5, 2015. Serena Williams is playing against the Italian Tennis player Flavia Pennetta. After Serena Williams lost the first set 0 – 6, she actually asked the umpire if it was legal to have an Espresso during the match. Williams needed an Espresso to give her some more energy. After she was served an Espresso the US tennis star recovered and was able to beat Flavia Pennetta 0-6, 6-3, 6-0. Serena Williams later teasingly called her in-game Espresso a “miracle coffee.” "I am a coffee drinker. I didn't have mine this morning and I was just feeling it, so I just had to get...

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Homemade Facial Peeling with Ground Coffee

What can I do with the ground coffee after I have enjoyed my daily cup? That is a simple question ... now it is time to work on our outer beauty. Coffee grounds in facial masks are amazing! Due to the antioxidants it counteracts the natural skin aging process. The caffeine stimulates the blood circulation and makes the skin look fresher and younger. The ground coffee acts like a peeling and removes dead skin. Simply blend 2 teaspoons of ground coffee 2 tablespoons of olive oil 2 tablespoons of honey into a smooth creme and apply evenly to your face and neck, save the eye area. Let the mask work for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing with warm water....

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Coffee Price Crisis

The Coffee Price Crisis 2019 In the last years the coffee industry has had a significant surplus of coffee beans from the huge coffee producing farms in Brazil, which accounts for up to a ¼ of the world`s coffee trade. That makes it hard for other coffee producing countries to enter the market. The low international coffee prices have forced small coffee farmers to abandon their estates and plantations or to change the production to other agricultural products. In addition, in many South American countries’ households have experienced food shortages. One study, which surveyed almost 500 coffee-growing-households in El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico and Nicaragua, found out that 63% of them suffered food insecurity. Most coffee producers around the world are...

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Cold Brew Coffee

A cold brew is quite simple Which coffee is best for a cold brew? Generally, we can use every coffee for a cold brew. But there are some coffees available which suit a cold brew much better. With lighter and medium roasts for filter coffees, we will have much tastier results due to the quantity of preserved aromas. Dark roasts have less acidity but much more bitter compounds. It just doesn`t work right. The best grind size is a medium one. If you use a very fine grind size, such as for an Espresso, an over-extraction will occur and we have a considerable bitter coffee. A cold brew is quite simple, just leave the ground coffee in cold water for...

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The Chemex

Coffee with a fine and pronounced aroma The Chemex was invented in the USA by Mr. Peter Schlumbohm (1896 – 1962), a German born Engineer, in 1939. The Chemex coffee will have less body nevertheless it will surprise you with its fine and pronounced aroma. To start with we recommend to grind the coffee for the Chemex in a medium to slightly coarse setting. To maintain the optimum extraction time of 4 to 5 minutes please consider, when using much more coffee for your Chemex, a bigger degree of grind. To check if you have chosen the perfect grind, you can stop the time of brewing your coffee. If the brewing takes much longer than 5 minutes, too many substances (including...

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